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I love art! Especially video game inspired art, as you'll see below. In the early 2000s the inner artist in me found his way out, and this page holds some of the art I have created over the years.

Video Game Walls
Back in the mid-2000s I lived in an apartment in Hollywood that was painted with blue walls. One day I looked up at the walls, and got the idea that it needed some Mario goodness. So I sketched out a design, grabbed some paints, and went at it. It wasn't long after that a scene inspired by Super Mario Bros. 3 adorned our wall. But, then the other walls looked empty...

So, one of my other favorite game franchises called to me: Mega Man. Originally I wanted to put the Dragon boss from Mega Man 2, but wasn't happy with how big it would be (and I also started it too high, making it span onto the ceiling), so I sketched up a scene inspired by the intro from Mega Man 2, with a few other Mega Man elements added.

Of course, the other walls needed attention. This time I tapped Bubble Bobble, Dig Dug, and Galaga for some decoration.

For my final apartment piece, I decided to pay homage to one of my favorite series: The Legend of Zelda. I always liked the imagery from Zelda II of Zelda laying in the temple with the purple curtains and red carpet. So I decided to use that as the background, and then add Link fighting Dark Link, with a little Triforce added in.

Video Game Postcards
When I went to the Art Institute I had to take some design and art classes. This is where my inner artist really shone through, and I wanted to create art all the time.

For one assignment in digital manipulation class, we had to create postcards with the incentive that people would frame them or put them on the fridge than toss in the trash. For this project, I took some Los Angeles landmarks and mixed them with some video game icons.

I took a class in Perspective Drawing and for my final I decided to try my hand at a Hogwarts type castle. I used pencil, pen, and charcoal to draw this. After finishing, I could not believe that I made it.

Perler Bead Art
In 2007, I started playing with Perler Beads and created pixelated video game characters (of course), because it was easy to figure out how many beads/pixel were needed. I started making custom ones, sold some on Etsy, and even had a picture of my Christmas Tree with Perler Bead characters get picked up by some blogs.

Pixel Projects