Locked Out Of Game Center iOS7

‚ÄčI’ve been testing out the Unity Social API for iOS 7 Game Center connection and I’ve run into an issue that is frustrating: Being locked out of Game Center with no easy way to get back in. I’ve done some research to see if it was something I did in code, or maybe logged out, but nope. So I took to the internets and found that a bunch of other people have run into the issue while in Sandbox Mode. While some were claiming that when live, it actually worked. Unfortunately I need to do more testing on my device, and this is how I’ll get it back to work.

Try this:

General Settings -> Reset All Settings

I launched my game and Game Center didn’t pop up, so I closed it and opened up Game Center and logged in as my test user.

Then relaunched my game and it worked! (Well asked me to sign in again).

Hope this helps someone!