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Warp 5 Overdrive

While at Bearded Man Studios, I worked on a retro space shooter infinite runner: Warp 5 Overdrive. From concept to final product, I helped to create the narrative, script animations and events, build and test on iOS devices, deploy to the App Store, and market the app. Warp 5 Overdrive was published to Android, iOS, and Windows Phone created with Unity.

I created the logo, implemented the UI layout, added various particle effects to the game, created obstacles such as "Corkscrew", scripted game features including the pause menu, animations, and assisted in the Creator control and UI creation.

Also, since we were on a shoestring marketing budget, I built an arcade machine and demoed the game at AT&T park at a 2013 GDC event, handing out stickers with our logo and info about downloading the game.

Word Lab

Word lab was our first game created at Bearded Man Studios. Our first game idea initially was a puzzle type game of a different sort, but morphed into a 3D word puzzle game with social network features, including a Facebook leaderboard. We built Word Lab in Unity and released it on Android, iOS, and Windows Phone.

On this game I handled the UI layout, scripting of the UI, and various power-ups, including the bomb, frost, and timer feature. I implemented the iOS In-App purchases for consumable coins and non-consumable "Pro" purchase, and the iOS Facebook integration. Additionally, I assisted with the animations, such as the prize screen and camera shake with the bomb.

GFS - Gay Fighter Supreme

While Warp 5 Overdrive was being wrapped up, we were in contact with another company looking to make a game. We took on the development and were tasked to build a 2D fighting game. This game was a bit of a challenge since we had to take another team's assets and build a game to their specifications, and create a 2D fighting game system in Unity.

We worked hard on it and figured ways to tackle some of the roadblocks that came up. While I didn't see this game to publishing due to taking another job, I worked on it about 85% of the way.

For GFS, I created loading scenes and elements, multiple text/effect/animations used thought out the game, assisted in rigging the 2D sprites for animation, led iOS building and testing, UI placement and scripting, and assisted in event scripting.

GFS was released in May 2015 on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.